23 March 2010

Megadesk! Update + Random Thoughts

A friend in the States has purchased the shirt for me and shipped it yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive before my birthday. Ugh, 29 this year. Last year my awesome fiancee made me a cake styled like a Habs jersey with my name and the 28. This year, a Ken Dryden mask cake would totally rock the house.

I am presently 4-for-33 on this year's Roll Up The Rim to Win. I say "presently" because there's a coffee right beside me as I type this. I'm just happy for a donut at this point; no sense in having delusions of grandeur this one has cash money, right?

I was very happy last night to see Bret Hart give what could be the farewell promo speech prior to the WrestleMania match against Vince McMahon. Hearing Bret recount the great matches of 'Manias past, including mentioning Owen, made me smile but also got me to thinking about all the WrestleMania matches that could have been. And that's what makes this build-up with Vince so great - it's a reminder of everything that Bret was robbed of by the circumstances that led to the Screwjob. Some way, some how, I will find a way to see Bret's last match where he gets the closure and final send-off that he deserves and was deprived of 12 years ago.

We're in for 2 straight days of rain & fog. Must be springtime in Halifax.

Rockets desperately need to win tonight. I want their playoff run to still be alive when I get the new hat!

Added thought:

Reading this from Andrei Markov this morning made me a little bit loopy in the head:

"No question they [Mike Cammalleri and Marc-Andre Bergeron] are good players, but it doesn't matter who plays on the power play," Markov said. "We have to realize it is a huge opportunity to score. We just can't play like that."

Are you kidding me? Is he honestly trying to say with a straight face that Cammalleri = Mathieu Darche and Bergeron = Roman Hamrlik on the power play? Get real! Cammy's got 15 of his 48 points (including 4 PPG) on the PP, while Bergeron has 6 power play goals to Hamrlik's 2. Not to mention that Cammy's a super-skilled playmaker and Darche...um, isn't. A lot of talk pre-season had Markov as the next captain of the team - between this and some of his other statements (not to mention the brouhaha with Carey) I really hope that's not the case.

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C.K. said...

29, please...You're just a youngster yet!

I firmly believe there should be a Megadesk update every week :) Once the shirt arrives you should put it on and head straight out to Tim Hortons. I bet the Megadesk karma will produce a win of some sort! Or you will lose important sales leads...one or the other.