12 March 2010

Power Outage

So last night, 10 minutes after the hockey game ended, as I was in the middle of writing my mother a message on Facebook, the power went out for about two hours. It was very strange - the power does go out here in Halifax semi-regularly but usually only during the day. I don't recall off the top of my head the last time it went out at night. What made it so strange was that it was out for a good 2km radius and EVERYTHING was out. All the houses. The Sobeys. Even the street lights. Pitch black until you looked over at the areas (anything from the Commons to the waterfront was still online) on a different power grid. I'm glad that the flashlight was still operational - comes in handy when wandering around a small, dark apartment building. Because Tasha was out last night I didn't really feel like sitting around in the dark so I decided to go for a walk and see how widespread the outage was. On my way back - FYI, all the way up to Cedar Ave. across the street from the hospital - I looked up at the Atlantica Hotel and all of a sudden I Am Legend popped into my head - must have been the visual of all these buildings without any lighting whatsoever - and I decided very quickly that it was time to go home before the dark-seekers came and ate me alive. So it was back up the 17 flights of stairs to just oversee all the darkness until Tasha got home.

And this morning my computer is fried.

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