10 April 2010

Habs Playoff Scenarios

So I'm thrilled that we're in the playoffs, earning one point in our final 3 games to really demonstrate that we're ready to hand with the elite teams in the NHL. And I say that because we will be playing one of them.

By "virtue" of their 88 points the Habs presently sit in 7th place. They can finish no higher than that.

Habs finish 7th if the Rangers defeat Philadelphia tomorrow.
Habs finish 8th if the Flyers defeat New York tomorrow.

Washington will finish in 1st place.

Buffalo will take 2nd place if they defeat New Jersey in regulation tomorrow.
New Jersey will finish in 2nd place if they defeat Buffalo tomorrow or if they lose in OT/SO.

So here are the potential first round matches and what will have to happen to force it.

If the Rangers win and New Jersey wins/loses in OT, Montreal plays New Jersey
If the Rangers win and Buffalo wins in regulation, Montreal plays Buffalo.
If the Flyers win, Montreal plays Washington.



Anonymous said...

Habs are out in the first round my friend. Sorry.

RGM said...

I'm not particularly inclined to disagree with that sentiment.