01 April 2010

Idiots Booing Carey Price

I didn't hear about the latest round of booing of Carey Price when he was announced as last night's 3rd star until this morning. I was watching the TSN broadcast and they cut to SportsCentre pretty much right after the final whistle. I think it's absolutely revolting that he can stop 25 of 26 Carolina shots, getting beaten only by a legit superstar and Roman Hamrlik, and these idiots decide to point the finger at him. Well, these so-called fans are likely to end up getting a bigger one right back if/when Carey leaves town. I know that this is what Montreal fans do - they've done it to every goaltender going as far back as Ken Dryden (and probably beyond) but the sheer ignorance of it all just disgusts me.


Anonymous said...

And thats the reason they will always be fighting for 8th or 9th spot...the fans and the media. Free agents avoid Montreal like the plague so in the end the fans kind of get what they deserve..a lousy team.

Anonymous said...

I live in Montreal and, while not a Habs, fan, I am appalled at the fans in this city.

They profess to know so much about the sport and then they boo Carey Price on a night when he performed just fine.

I didn't realize he was also responsible for keep his D-men from plowing into him too.

I will say that because of last night, this team has guaranteed that Price will look elsewhere post season.

These fans deserve to wander the desert for 40 years before their next cup.

Spoiled brats.

RGM said...

@ Anon 1017am - the Internet has done some real wonders in dispelling the notion that Canadiens fans are the most intelligent in hockey. The garbage that is posted on some of the more prominent fan sites is enough to make a person go mad unless they know when to give up and just walk away. I can only hope that the players themselves don't read any of the junk that gets posted about them.

I love the Habs, always have and always will, but I tell you: if Carey Price gets run out of town I will cheer him on (depending where he ends up) wherever he goes and doubly so against Montreal.