13 April 2010

"Plekanec States the Obvious" - Should Have Been the Headline


I appreciate the gamesmanship and on top of that, I think it's the truth. Yeah, Theo and Varlamov had pretty good seasons, but I think that Price and Halak are better too. Doesn't mean that the Caps' goaltending is brutal, just that the Canadiens get the upper hand in that department.

Also, this:


Anonymous said...

Sorry my friend, Caps in 6

RGM said...

I never said a word about how the outcome of the series would go.

Anonymous said...

Ha ok, fair call. I just didn't want you getting your hopes too high.

RGM said...

My idea of a high hope for this series is that the Habs win two games. LOL

I think it'll be good hockey and lots of action (the antithesis of a New Jersey/Montreal series) but the Caps just have too many weapons.

Anonymous said...

we may be in for a surprise!!! :)