04 September 2005

Greetings from Halifax!!!

OK well this is my first post from my brand-new location on the other side of the world, how exciting! It's been a busy, hectic, aggravating, trying, yet lovely and wonderful first few days in Halifax. I miss all the friends and family back home, not to mention the normality of it all. Tasha and I have been inseparable as we chart our path together out here (today is our six-month anniversary, you should see the beautiful necklace I got for her), and things have been really great for the two of us. We're building a home together, and it is coming slowly, but it is OURS and that is what means the most to me (and hopefully to her) right now. The weather has been great every day except for Thursday (nothing was particularly great on Thursday), it generally stays at 22-24 degrees all the time. People out here have been saying it's a bit warm but for an Okanagan boy this is springtime weather. We picked up a really nice TV and DVD player yesterday, a 27" Toshiba. It's bigger than the old one (not the same without my surround system though!....I'm Mr. Parentheses today it seems) and it cost a couple hundred bucks less to boot, so yeah I'm pretty happy about that one.
I should mention now that I'm not typing this from a home computer. We haven't been able to pick one up yet and we won't have internet until Thursday. Due to some *difficulties* with the apartment we weren't able to move in until Friday and so I had to push back the date for the cable/internet guy to show up. We do have phone service, though, so if anybody wishes to give a call (don't call collect or I won't answer it) it's 902-405-5592. I'm actually typing all this up from the library at Dalhousie. The campus is sprawling, much bigger than OUC/UBCO, and it appears to be as old as it is. This place was established in 1816 and though I'm sure that there have been modernizations and upgrades it still looks like a classic, old campus. Not complaining at all, just saying how it looks. Classes start on Thursday and I've got an orientation on Wednesday to get acclimatized with my faculty and hopefully get some course selection done. I'm hoping to do the latter on Tuesday, since I have to come up here anyways to get some paperwork dealt with and oh I don't know maybe my student ID card.
So yeah that's the update for now, I'm sure I'll be popping in here quite often in the coming days to keep everybody back home current and up-t0-date on all of my and Tasha's adventures in Halifax.
Miss you all back home!!!

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