12 September 2005

Tomorrow is the Day

So it's the first day of class tomorrow, and I'm ready to go. I've done all my readings for the class, picked up the materials for the other ones, and now I'm on the eve of doing something I haven't done in over two years: walk into a university classroom. Obviously a lot has changed since April 2003, but I'm feeling very confident in myself that I can walk in there and be what I used to be: really good at what I do. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how I come out of there at noon. The whole being back at school thing has really affected me too, as I am coming out swinging at a lot of people in the various discussion forums in which I participate, utilizing a lot of tools which had been laying dormant for some time, or at least not used to their full capabilities. It feels really good and I'm excited about it.

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