27 December 2006

How Does This Doo-Hicky Work!?

The bird has been devoured, there's still a bunch of chocolates around, and a little bit of egg nog to boot. Yes Christmas has come and gone for another year, and what a seasonal festivity it was!
Tasha & I had our second Christmas together here in Halifax. As was the case with last year, we really missed seeing everybody at home, all the moreso because of the condition of my grandmother. I truly hope that there will be one more Christmas on this Earth she can be a part of, because both Tasha & I have said that we'd love to be back home next year.

I, of course, was the first to wake up and convince her to get out of bed. The fun started at around 7:45am and we were done opening the treasure trove of presents under our tree about two hours later. Lots of really great stuff under the tree, and the biggest hits appear to be the Super Nintendo that I got for Tasha (does anybody out there have Super Mario All-Stars and would part with it?) and the 30GB Video iPod that Tasha got for me. No more DiscMan for me; I gots me an iPod! It took the better part of a couple days to upload all my CDs to get on there, so far there's over a thousand songs and still a bunch of other stuff I'd like to get put on there. One issue that I'm having is the video feature. It won't let me upload anything from the digital camera, which is a pain because I've got my Stones stuff that I'd like to put on there. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Check out the initial reaction to the iPod:

I really need to find those cartoon eyes to really complete the popping out of head look. You'll notice in the background a box with a cutout shaped like the Stanley Cup; that's because there's a mini replica of the Cup with a 1993 Montreal Canadiens pewter medallion. Beside that is a 3-pack of Habs figures--Koivu, Aebischer, and Ryder--and to my left is an original Star Wars soundtrack LP. That's some really cool stuff. One item that managed to avoid photography for most of the morning was my brand-new Team Canada jacket, courtesy of Tasha's parents. I'd like to put up a pic, but Blogger simply refuses to cooperate at this time.

Other fantastic presents included: Mark Steyn's America Alone, a Habs optical wheel mouse, chocolate galore, a new wallet, some body spray stuff (is that a hint that I smell, S&C?), new gloves, cash, two really nice sweaters, a Darth Vader coin bank and a couple mini-puzzles and a couple action figures.

We had a really fantastic time. Tasha loved (I hope) all the presents I got her; I really like the Happy Feet PJs and the cat book, among other things. We talked to the families, we ate dinner, we went to bed a very happy couple.

Best of the holiday season to everybody out there. I hope that it's been a wonderful time with friends and family, and that you all got what you wanted from Santa. I may or may not be posting in the next couple days, so if not, best wishes for a Happy New Year to all. May your 2007 be even greater than 2006.


Zac said...

Habs suck!

Just wanted to remind you.

Carrie said...

Haha, you were just like me- I was up at 7:30 on Christmas morning..
I managed to wake up at like 8 after. The latest I've ever been up for Christmas to go get my stocking.

I have AllStars. It was bloody expensive ($40 bucks)... And it's fucking hard to find. One day, it's at Replay. The next, it's gone. Even if there's like 3 copies of it.
I won't part with it, but if I go to Replay anytime soon (hopefully to buy my own SNES), I'll see if I can pick it up for ya. Hows about that? :D

RGM said...

@Zac, coming from a Leafs fan, that statement commands all the authority of a 15-year old, 85-pound kid working security at a rock concert....very little.

@younger sister: I'm hoping to find it for somewhere much cheaper than that. It may only be the cartridge, but that's all we really need right? There's a couple places here in town that have SNES games, and they have the same deal: here today, gone in an hour. But if you can find it, call me ASAP and let me know about it. How's your new book?

Carrie said...

Uhhh... I just made a comment just a moment ago and then the computer (piece... of... effing... crap...) crapped out on me. It didn't go through did it?

So maybe I'll just say it again---

Replay just closed down from what I saw today. I guess our best bet for my SNES and your game will be Ebay or keep checking at gaming stores until you can get yourself a damn good deal (probably won't happen anytime soon)...

And for the book. I've read most of the introduction to it and it sounds like it'll be a rather interesting read. I haven't had too much time the last week to read it but I'm hoping I can start on it soon. This week is gonna be really hectic and we'll probably be without internet for the first little bit in the apartment. But once we get it up and running, I can try and keep you posted about it and maybe put in my own opinions about it.

:D <3

RGM said...

Bad timing for Replay to shut down eh? Ah well, I'm sure that something will turn up.
I hope that you do enjoy the book; I read it about a year or so ago and I found it to be really fascinating and I learned an awful lot from it. Keep me posted as you go through it.