09 December 2006


Totally forgot about posting this. I had another letter published in the National Post on Tuesday, encouraging my fellow Canadians to make a gesture of support for the Canadian Forces personnel currently in Afghanistan who won't be home for the holidays. As a related note, that night I got a phone call from someone who read the letter and wanted to know how he could send something overseas. Very nice to know that I've inspired somebody. Anyways, here it is:

Let Our Troops Know It's Christmas

Re: Saying Thank You To Our Troops, David Frum, Dec. 2.
I was happy to see Mr. Frum’s column encouraging people to send well-wishes to Canadian Forces personnel serving in Afghanistan. I recently wrote and shipped 50 Christmas cards — some with Tim Hortons gift certificates — via the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency, and I encourage others to do the same. There are just under 2,300 members of our Forces in Afghanistan; if less than 50 took the time to replicate my small gesture of thanks, every single soldier defending our country and promoting its principles will receive an encouraging message from a complete stranger and know that the people back home are thinking about them during the holidays. What an incredible display of support for our troops that would be. Richard McAdam, Halifax.

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