02 December 2006

Two Down

I'm watching far more of this convention than I expected to. I guess that when you're a politics nerd, this counts as "riveting" television. The more it goes on, the more I'm enjoying it. Political intrigue is the best kind of intrigue.

I'm blogging this live and have had to cut out some text quite a few times, as initially it was believed that Kennedy would go to Dion, then he was staying, and right now he's walking across the floor to announce that he's going to throw his support behind Dion after all.

So it's down to three. Dion, assuming that everybody from Kennedy goes to him (or even a solid majority), is now the front-runner, meaning that quite possibly Rae will have some serious soul-searching to do because he will end up in third place after this ballot. That's fine by me.

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