12 May 2007

Contortions of a Wannabe "Leader"

This is a special little statement out of the leader of a rump separatist party in Ottawa:

"From the moment I decided to enter the Parti Quebecois leadership race, I was and I still am, eminently convinced that I could make an important contribution as Parti Quebecois leader,'' Duceppe said in a statement released Saturday.

You see, Duceppe announced a couple days ago that he was announcing his candidacy for leadership of the PQ. Today, he announced that he's not running. So ever since Thursday, Duceppe has been convinced that he would make a great leader of a party he has no intention of leading.

Is it any wonder that these nimrods aren't taken seriously by anybody anymore?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Another case of polls writing politics. Too bad. This was going to be interesting to watch.

Now with polls!

RGM said...

Is that how Duceppe came to his decision? He looked at a poll and saw that his numbers weren't off the charts? That's Paul Martin-type decision making.