03 May 2007

Hello From BC!

Today marks Day 3 of the Great BC Adventure of 2007!

CBC announced this morning that the fixed election date bill will receive royal assent today, which means that the next election will take place on October 19, 2009. So much for a spring vote! On the other hand, I know what M. Dion is thinking: can Canada wait that long? Can the world? Since every new day is the worst in Canada's environmental history, you'd think that he'll be making every effort to ensure that Harper loses the confidence of the House before then...unless that whole spiel about the impending environmental calamity is just words.

Canucks fever here in BC took a huge hit on Tuesday night. I was in bed when the great collapse took place. They were up 2-1 early in the 3rd but when I woke up the next morning, they had lost. I made the quip to my sister, who works at a car parts shop, that the Canucks flags they sell should be going on at half price now that they're effectively toast.

Kelowna's pace of development is incredible to see. New huge buildings popping up everywhere. Prices are high. There is a working shortage and businesses are advertising openly what they will pay you to come work for them. This is a marked contrast to life in Halifax.

The sun is out today, which I haven't seen in about 10 days. I am going to play in it. See you later.

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