06 May 2007

The Journey Continues

It is now Day 6 of the Great BC Adventure of 2007!

We went out and saw Spider-Man 3 last night. It was great except for a couple of things that clashed with the comic book canon, mostly involving Harry Osborn and his persona as the "New Goblin" and his ultimate destiny. That part was lame, as was the manner in which Venom was defeated. I don't like how the movies seemingly must end with the villain (sorry, spoiler warning!) being killed or making some noble sacrifice. When the Harry Green Goblin was killed in Spectacular Spider-Man he was thoroughly inhuman and well beyond redemption. That aside, I can see why it's being seen by more people than you can shake a stick at, and if there's to be a Spidey 4, I will be there.

The sun has been shining all day, and apparently tomorrow and Wednesday we'll be enjoying temperatures in the mid-20s. Take that Halifax!


Nathan said...

Well now, that was very well put. I'm having a hard time typing considering this cold wrecking havoc on my brain, but all in all I agree with your sentiments with the movie, I think that it would have been interesting if they had played out the whole Real Green Goblin(his insanity), the death of Gwen Stacey and the sandman story for a large part of the movie and had the Venom part cut off like they did to us in so many other 3 part movies to extend into a 4th.

Just for a side note, apparently rumors circulating the net(these are very few) say that if Sam does a next movie he is contemplating Carnage and lizard, and like we discussed, Carnage would come from the piece of symbiot that Doc Connors had. Again very early rumors.

RGM said...

They got off to a good start with Harry and his manipulation of Peter and MJ's relationship. Part of what made their feud so special was the psychology: Peter was always trying to redeem Harry so that he didn't suffer the same fate as his father, Harry would play along (briefly) and ultimately turn again, which messed with Peter's mind as much as anything else. It was an intensely personal hero/villain dynamic, much more than any other pairing out there--though Venom also terrorized MJ, hence her extreme dislike of the black suit.

A 4th movie with Carnage and the Lizard would be interesting. If they do go with the angle you mentioned, I'm thinking there would have to be some lab accident where the symbiote gets free and bonds with Kassidy and at the same time Connors is transformed.

So many options...