19 January 2006


Folks, I've finally made my national breakthrough into the mainstream media. Long have I desired to see my name on the Letters page of the G&M or the Post, and today I have achieved that goal, courtesy of the latter. I share editorial commentary space with Charles Krauthammer AND Warren Kinsella; it's a great day!

National Post Published: Thursday, January 19, 2006

Re: Polygamy Is Not The Problem, Barbara Kay, Jan. 18.
While I agree with Ms. Kay's hope that a future Conservative government will throw away the recent government report recommending the decriminalization of polygamy, her notion that polyamorous "relationships" are somehow "female-empowering" is ludicrous.
Our sexualized pop culture portrays lesbian chic and bisexuality as "hot." Look at the plethora of music videos and movies that feature two women making out. This image is created for sexual pleasure for men. Young, impressionable women receive the message that in order to please a man, they must engage in the same activity. That is not empowering.
The rise of these polyamorous "relationships" is an outgrowth of pop culture and is not the result of changes to any principles of a mutual and exclusive relationship between two people. I support same-sex marriage because I believe that two people who are willing to make a commitment to love each other deserve equal Charter rights under the law.
As for polyamorous marriages, to claim to love someone while engaging in sexual activities with another is not "empowering," it is cheating: emotionally, physically and psychologically.
Richard McAdam, Halifax.

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