14 January 2006

What I Hope For

As a former Liberal, I'm hoping that whatever the result of this election turn out to be, the Martin cabal is purged from the party. I joined the party because of Martin-the-campaigner in 2002; the first two years went well, but in early 2005 things went to shit as I got more exposed to the way he and the people around him actually think about: average Canadians, previous three-term-majority Prime Ministers, and how to deal with international affairs. I left the party because of Martin-the-PM in 2005.
He has damaged the party for myself and beyond a shadow of a doubt many other Canadians, not quite as badly as end-of-Mulroney/Campbell damaged the PC brand, but very badly. My home riding in the interior of BC hasn't elected a Liberal since 1968; the current, four-term Conservative MP announced his retirement last spring, opening the door for possibly the best chance for the Liberals in Kelowna in a generation. As it is, they don't have a hope in hell, as it was a couple of weeks into the campaign before the Liberal website even posted who their candidate would be, and it's the same person who got beaten, winning only 24% of the vote, in 2004.
The Kelowna story is a snapshot of how Martin has destroyed Liberal chances for electoral success in new regions across the country. Whether it's a Conservative minority or majority, it is time for Martin to go. If the British Conservatives can remove Margaret Thatcher, MARGARET THATCHER, from office in two weeks once they perceived she'd outlived her usefulness, it should take the Liberals two days to remove this rabble from the leadership of the party.

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