08 September 2006

Friday Quick Hits
  • WTF. What is wrong with people?
  • Barring any further calamities, I'll be handing in my thesis today.
  • I hope that Tony Blair doesn't get the Chretien treatment on his way out.
  • People with the intelligence and motivation of a bag of hammers should count their blessings that I'm in Halifax when they refer to my sister as "stupid" and make her wish that she doesn't exist.
  • Harper's Senate reform speech is good stuff. I truly hope that he walks the talk and doesn't let it fade away like other PM's do when it comes to reducing Canada's democratic deficit.
  • If I'm trying to fulfill my responsibilities and ask for assistance in meeting them from people at my university, why am I treated as if I'm abdicating my responsibilities?
  • I feel this guy's pain. Time to do something about it.


Jason Bo Green said...

WTF: Can I just SAY it? Please? WHAT THE F***!!??

Blair: Eerie the similarities. God, please don't let Brown be a Paul Martin - the world needs England still.

Stuffonmycat: WOW!

RGM said...

Agree on all fronts.

We just picked up the SOMC book the other day, it's awesome. Because stuff + cats does = awesome.

Candace said...

Love the cat. Sorry to see Blair go, I've always liked him. Hopefully someone relatively sane will take over.

And WTF is too mild!