08 September 2006

The Secretary is Coming Here?

Anybody have any details on Condi Rice's visit to Halifax on Monday, and more importantly, how can I get there?


Riley Hennessey said...

Was this comment directed at me? hah

Sorry Rich, I thought I was going to be able to have dinner with the lady, as was the original plan, but the security has grown extremely tight and even my own boss is not allowed. On Monday of last week I got the call to be on "Stand by for the Principal"... but my seuciryt clearance is not high enough anymore.

Also her events are tight lipped and I inquired about attending her speech at the airport. Also a no-go. Nobody's getting near this lady.

IF I do learn anything else I will let you know. As I know the Ambassador well now, my boss was seeing if he could get me any pull. I'll know more tomorrow or monday morning. I'll keep you posted.

RGM said...

I sent an email to the airport authority too, no response yet and I'm not really expecting to hear one. Too bad that your dinner plans got dashed, that would have been a pretty great experience. Hopefully it all ends up working out for you.