18 September 2006

Politics Nerds Rejoice!

For today is a good day, a day in which Parliament resumes and we get to watch our favourite cast of characters pantomime outrage, despair, and accomplishment. The fate of the softwood bill, Canada's role in Afghanistan, the future of Canada's environmental policy, the Accountability Act languishing in the Senate, the proposal to revamp the Senate, wait-times guarantees, re-opening the SSM debate, and much, much more are all HANGING IN THE BALANCE in what promises to be THE MOST IMPORTANT SESSION OF PARLIAMENT IN CANADA'S HISTORY.

In other news, I get to write some government tests on the morning of my convocation. Fun!

I spilled my coffee all over myself this morning and ever since I've smelled like a double-double. I think it's kind of appealing, and it gives me a marketing idea for Tim Horton's. Hey, if Gustavo Chacin can have his own fragrance, surely a national treasure and icon can have an eau de cafe can it not?

Also, it's a real treat to watch the original versions of Star Wars again. After ten years of Lucas's tinkering, seeing Han shoot first, stop-motion space battles, and Luke telling R2-D2 that he doesn't taste very good has been a real treat. I love the Special Editions and the 2004 DVD Editions, don't get me wrong, but nostalgia holds a special place in my heart.

Lastly, construction on the Stones' stage has begun. Judging the amount of trucks & materials already covering the far end (grrr) of the Commons, this is gonna be one HUUUUUGE show.


Jason Bo Green said...

Somedays, I don't know what's more important, the future of our environmental policy or destroying every known copy and record of the re-done Star Wars and the new Star Wars. Enough is enough!

Carrie said...

So many versions and copies of Star Wars AND Lord of the Rings...
Will they ever stop?!

Eau de Cafe, eh?
Sounds like it might be alright...

C. LaRoche said...

You doing anything for the Stones show, Rich?


I think they preface just about all of them with that.

RGM said...

Yes I'm gonna be listening to it from my high perch. The stage itself, sadly, is just out of view so I won't really be watching it from my high perch. Once they get rid of the garbage opening acts, it's gonna be a fun time.

On Parliament....exactly. :)

On Star Wars...I'm already hearing rumours of a super deluxe set coming out in 2007 to mark the 30th anniversary. I saw another version of LOTR out too, but they're the regular & extended versions.....pardon me: goddamn Bruins just scored.....and nothing new. I gotta say that it was fun yesterday watching the unaltered version of The Empire Strikes Back, which I am not ashamed to say is still my favourite movie of the lot, and thus, by extension, ever.