27 January 2008

Greens: Still Wacko

Only one year removed from potential election candidates espousing their intellectual and spiritual brotherhood affinity with Islamofascists that make their political statements by blowing up schools and hospitals, the Green Party delivers this:

"The Manley Report fails to consider that the recommendation of more ISAF forces from a Christian/Crusader heritage will continue to fuel an insurgency that has been framed as a 'Jihad'.

One thing I have noticed--and personally experienced--is the inability for serious people to counter such statements because they are so far removed from reality. I still recall my jaw hanging open after a Green supporter ranted for a good three minutes about American fascism and how Canada should never support a preemptive nuclear first strike against Iran. All well and good, except that there never is, was, or will be a plan in place to start a war with Iran by dropping an atomic bomb on Tehran or any other cities or nuclear facilities in Iran. The sheer outlandishness of the statement leaves otherwise intelligent people speechless.
That's pretty much how I feel when it comes to their assessment of the Manley Report. It's a strange line of thinking that adopts a posture that having more people to win hearts and minds and protect Afghans will result in more people flocking to the insurgency that seeks to maim and kill Afghans. And thus we are all reminded why the Green Party has never won a seat in a Canadian parliamentary election, is not likely to do so in the near future, and will never form the government of this great and proud country.

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