27 January 2008

Obama Wins a Big One

I wasn't very surprised that Obama won in South Carolina, but the margin of victory is really astounding. When the combined votes of the second and third candidates don't even come close--in what has been a very close race to this point--to matching his vote total, it's a big victory that will send shockwaves through the campaign. Super Tuesday, February 5th, is going to be a huge day for both parties, and the Democratic race continues to get more and more interesting and intriguing.
I am still not certain whom I want to see emerge on the Democrats' side, though I am going with McCain for the Republicans. If it's anybody but him, they won't have a chance to win with moderate and independent voters because the social conservative positions of the likes of Romney and Huckabee are alienating. McCain doesn't cater as much to that crowd and will be able to get over based on his record in the Senate and his lengthy foreign policy credentials. He will not win points with Republicans on immigration, but at this time in history such navel-gaving doesn't fully serve the American interest. That sort of thing is best dealt with by the legislative branch while the executive focuses on much larger issues facing America.
It's going to be a very interesting couple of weeks.

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