12 January 2008

Misc Musings

My computer monitor is dying. Earlier this week it looked like it was receiving stuff from the future world of Year Zero. Today it's gone green.
The fog is so thick outside I can't see the apartment building across the street.
Though I don't really like being awoken at 5am by his chattering or dropping a scrunchy ball/fish on my face, Orion is just so darn cute.
I may be heading out to get my Habs jersey (the one that Anna Lou got me as a present for the 2007-08 season!) crested with a Price 31 today. Or maybe a Higgins 21. Or a Komisarek 8. The big guy was a monster against Boston on Thursday, some people even drew comparisons to Scott Stevens he was so dominant.
Excellent article posted over at the WRC-Halifax blog today. Go read it.
Life is good.

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