25 January 2007

Centre Ice, Ice Baby!

September 23rd is going to be awesome again this year. You'll recall that last year on that date I saw the Rolling Stones play across the street. This year, something that may be even cooler will be happening, provided that we're still in Halifax at the time. In the event I still refer to myself as a Haligonian-come-lately, I will be seeing the Montreal Canadiens taking on the Boston Bruins in a preseason NHL game.

This all came about very quickly. I managed to catch a scrolling headline on Sportsnet late last night, checked the ticket website and saw they were going on sale today, and bought them this morning. Centre ice, 12th row, directly across from the benches. As you can imagine, I'm extremely excited about this.

With this, September 23rd cements itself in my list of favourite days on the calendar: April 8th, November 29th, March 4th, December 25th, August 7th, and a couple others as well. I have my doubts, but maybe the game will be on RDS and I'll be able to get it taped. Wouldn't count on that though, so it may be up to the cameras. GO HABS GO!

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