31 January 2007

January's End

Hard to believe we're already at the end of the first month of 2007 eh? It zipped by, and no doubt February will, too.

In exciting news, things are finally moving forward as it relates to my submission to the journal Federal Governance. Some revising to do, and then hopefully it will be given the final approval for publication. If the Charter of Rights and the notwithstanding clause interest you at all (and why shouldn't they!), you'll want to check it out. I'll keep everybody appraised as the process continues.

Other stuff: it's nice to see Mike Duffy back on TV. Canadian Taber Vision is fine and good, but I do like Duff.

"A money-sucking socialist scheme" is how PMSH refers to the Kyoto Protocol. Given that Canada's "plan" under the Liberals to meet Kyoto targets was to pump billions of dollars to the Russians, he may be on to something there. Yesterday, I was posting something over at another blog, that ultimately ended up being swallowed by the Blogger goblins, about how it's fair game to use a politician's public statements against them. This is an example, if you're a Kyoto adherent. Go nuts, folks. But if we're going to spend billions of dollars to fix up the environment, I'd much prefer we use it here in Canada so that the air we breathe is cleaner, safer, and better-smelling, than sending it to the Russians to do I don't know what-all while our air remains dirty, unsafe, and smelly.

Thy're jacking up the price of milk in Nova Scotia again. At Sobey's last night it was $6.67 for a 4L jug and apparently that's just coming in line with SuperStore and not the price increase that will be taking effect next week. It's still only 4 bucks a jug back home.

And finally, Friday is Dalhousie's annual holiday, so I get a day off when I don't really want or need one. I'll likely use it to read, go over my FG submission, and make my Super Bowl prediction.

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