20 January 2007

Next Five Songs + NFL Picks

1. Nine Inch Nails - Last - TR discovered guitars on the Broken album. The results were positive. Two major new NIN releases this year, too, which may well end up being two more than Metallica does.
2. U2 - Yahweh - the final song on the last album that has any hope of standing the test of time (see discussion a couple posts below). Not my favourite song on HTDAAB, but it's still a good listen.
3. Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic) - the original version was on the first STP album, this acoustic version comes off the greatest hits CD (I generally dislike greatest hits packages, but that's another tale for another time). Before Weiland got hopelessly addicted to heroin, the band seemed on its way to true greatness. From the time of Tiny Music until the end, there were some really weird songs in there body of work that are so far departed from the work on the first Core album that it's almost hard to believe it was the same band.
4. Metallica - Attitude - well, at least it didn't cue up Ronnie. Just about anything off Reload is pretty disposable, and this song is no exception. There's some good riffage in there, and I'm sure that it would be a "good song" for any other band, but this one is just nowhere near even the middle echelons on Metallica's song library. The lyrics aren't that great, as just about every song from the album. James speaks mostly in full sentences as opposed to the choppy word delivery that plagues a lot of Reload, but that's barely a redeeming quality. Why couldn't it have queue'd up something off Puppets?
5. Diamond Head - The Prince - Or even the Metallica version of this song? This song rocks. Great screaming intro solo, wicked riff, and all-around awesome work. It's second to Am I Evil? on my list of favourite DH songs, but a close one. Metallica played this song in Ottawa in 2004, the only show on the tour at which it got the live treatment, and it was awesome, all the moreso because I was one of maybe half a dozen people in the building who actually knew the song.

Now, for tomorrow's conference championship games: New England and Chicago. Sorry, Peyton, I'm rooting for you but I won't bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs. The Bears make the most of their home-field advantage to beat the Saints.

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