07 January 2007


Mostly sports-related thoughts . . .

I've never been a Cowboys fan (sorry, Dad) but it hurt to see them lose their playoff game last night in the fashion they did. Romo's a good player, and sometimes good players can make costly mistakes too. Given what happened the other night in Edmonton, this one still ends up as the most wild finish of the week.

The Habs have had a rough couple of weeks, and the flu that ravaged the team was evident in the team's play yesterday. Without their captain, and with many of their key players in a weakened condition, they did not look good against the Rangers and they still almost escaped with at least a point. The papers have been ripping on Janne Niinima again for being in the wrong time zone on the winning goal, and should Koivu and Latendresse be back in the line-up today you can rest assured that Janne will be back in the press box where can do less damage.

Today's NFL winners will be New England and the Giants.

I just picked up the latest issue of Policy Options, which has a lengthy section on Afghanistan. Should make for a good read, and if anything inspirational comes out of it, I'll make a post in the coming days.

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