13 January 2007

Next Five Songs on Your i-Habs-Pod

I've been itching to do this ever since I got the thing for Christmas, and now that I've uploaded almost my entire music collection, it's as good a time as any.

1. Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me - I used to be a Jimmy fan, just as they really made it big with the single "The Middle," which made them a little too big for my back pocket. I've only ever had one or two bands like that (HIM was another), and I felt a little sad when they went too close to the mainstream. For whatever reason, I never really gave Futures a chance, which I may do one day when Tasha's at work. Anyways, the song itself is a beautiful ballad about a dearly departed friend, so sorry to be morbid, but this is a song I want played at my funeral.

2. The Offspring - I Wanna Be Sedated - a great cover of a great Ramones song. When there was talk of a Ramones tribute album in 2002, I knew that this song would be on there, and I was not disappointed. Very catchy, great hooks, and all sorts of fun. I haven't listened to the Offspring in a while, but this song is a good reminder of why I enjoyed them.

3. The Tea Party - Stargazer - this song is special for me. It came out as a single just as Tasha & I started dating and so we kinda adopted it as our own. Fantastic song by Canada's most underappreciated rock band, whom I had the pleasure to see twice within the span of about three months in 2005, shortly before they broke up. They were scheduled to come to Halifax about two weeks after we moved hered, but the tour got cancelled, making me all the more glad I got to see them when I did. It's sad to me that the Barenaked Ladies got all the radio play and hype from Canada's loathsome CanCon regulations while a great band like The Tea Party always flew just under the radar and never got the exposure that they deserved. I'd been a fan ever since I saw the video (back when MuchMusic played them) for The Bazaar. A very unique band with a unique sound that I'm sad to see will never put out another song like Stargazer.

4. U2 - Walk On - ahh the second single from Beautiful Day. The video isn't that great, but it's a wonderful song. I was hoping they might have played it at the show in Vancouver in 2005, but it was not meant to be. Say what you will about Bono and the activism thing, but this band always delivers the goods.

5. Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy - Metallica would cover this song on 1998's Garage Inc., but the original version is pretty good too. I get a kick out of this song because it mentions the names of two of my sisters, which once prompted me to ask mom if she used to be a Blue Oyster Cult fan. You never know who's gotta have more cowbell, right? This original features the keyboard, which of course the Metallica cover does not, but it still maintains its heaviness and a great moodiness about it.


Robert Jackman said...

Hey - thanks for the comment.
Nice blog - I particularly liked the celebrity post - interesting stuff.

I'm updating my blogroll tomorrow - I'll be sure to put you on.

I've just blogged about lads' mags - let me know what you think :)

RGM said...

Thanks for dropping by Robert, and for the nice words.