09 January 2007


Once it's done charging I'm going to take a picture of my iPod with its brand-new Montreal Canadiens skin. It is totally sweet and deserves to be seen by the world.

**Updated** No less spectacular than the 4-2 comeback victory by the team last night, I give you: the i-Habs-Pod. That little glow, though it may resemble camera flash, is actually heavenly awesomeness.


Carrie said...

There's something about that that is just totally hilarious...

I want my Mp3 player to have a Habs skin :( *sob sob*

I guess your Ipod just p0wns everything now!

RGM said...

Apparently I very nearly got a Metallica skin for Christmas, but the MetStore was all out of Master of Puppets skins. That's too bad, because that would have been sweet.

But yes, my iPod rocks the casbah.